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Embrace the timeless elegance and excellent durability of Mister Wolf hand-assembled Quartz watches with the subtle Copper collection.

Embrace the timeless elegance and excellent durability of Mister Wolf hand-assembled Quartz watches with the subtle Copper collection. These leather strap watches are versatile and work well with both formal and casual attires. Mister Wolf promises precise quartz movement and accuracy in every watch.

Aesthetic Appeal
Mister Wolf accords high priority to the aesthetic appeal of the hand-assembled watches. The MW139MM Watch Model 179 sports a timeless combination of brown and copper. The embossed sapphire crystals add to the glamour of the piece.

Mister Wolf leather strap watches can add definition to formal looks, casual style, and semi-casual looks. The watches channel strong masculine aesthetics while also appearing soft and gentlemanly.

The MW1 39MM Watch Model 172 is crafted and assembled using fine natural leather—the soft brown tones of leather compliment the stainless steel casing perfectly. The watch follows a contemporary design and is stylish, comfortable, and precise.

The watches are crafted using bespoke, intelligent designs. The designers and assemblers pay individual attention to the tones and overall aesthetics of every product. Additionally, the company uses the highest-quality crystals and stainless steel to craft its entire range.

Durable and Water Resistant

Mister Wolf ensures the highest-quality and prolonged durability of all its timepieces. The company uses high-grade needles, hands, dials, and bands for hand-assembled men’s Quartz watches. The stainless steel cases and leather straps are not susceptible to easy discoloration, disintegration, or tears.

Additionally, the watches are designed to be water-resistant. The MW1 39MM Model 175 offers up to 5ATM water resistance. These models are perfect for wearing in all weather conditions. You can also use these watches while swimming. The water resistance features also prevent damages likely to afflict the watch from sweat absorption.


Hand Assembled and Customizable
Mister Wolf’s exquisite leather strap watches are hand-assembled. Therefore, they showcase unique craftsmanship and expertise. The elegant designs and delicate shades of natural leather give these watches a beautiful appearance.

However, Mister Wolf follows a customer-centric approach for all its products. Customers can customize and alter specific features to suit their preferences and tastes. The company allows color changes, design variations, and other minor alterations for specific hand-assembled models.

Additionally, Mister Wolf hand-assembled, Quartz watches for men are reasonably priced. The company also offers a two-year warranty period for all its hand-assembled watches.

The watches are assembled daily in Sydney, and the company attempts to deliver all orders by express delivery in 1-3 business days. The company also offers after-pay options. Mister Wolf allows 14 days to return or exchange unused, unworn, in their original condition.

August 1st 2021