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Henry Ng has a distinctive sartorial approach and an eye for design - characteristics the blogger showcases on his website Street Style Poser. Mister Wolf caught up with Henry to find out a bit more about his view of men's fashion and his favourite haunts in Sydney.

You started your blog in 2013, what prompted you to start blogging?
It started as, and still is, a creative outlet where I can do photography, writing, styling, video. I work in digital marketing during the day so it also ties in nicely from both strategy and creative perspective. I was blogging sporadically at the start, posting outfit content but it wasn’t really until early 2015, when I started collaborating with brands that I love, where I found my voice and brand DNA.


There is a strong travel aspect to your blog, what has been your favourite location so far?

Tokyo internationally and Cradle Mountain in Tasmania nationally. Tokyo is just weird and wonderful and I love how crazy things can get and yet, there is also that sense of deep tradition.

The landscape in Cradle Mountain is just stunning and you would think you’re in The Alps during winter.

Henry Ng of Street Style Poser in Tasmania. Photo via @streetstyleposer
Henry Ng of Street Style Poser in Tasmania. Photo via @streetstyleposer

How would you describe your personal style?
That’s a hard one. On one end of the spectrum, you have the dapper suit wearing guys and on the other, you have the edgy, innovative high fashionistas. I think I’m in the middle.


What attracted you to Mister Wolf watches?

The military-inspired aesthetic for this range is really a point of difference for me. The design is also classic and easy to work with. Watches are the last thing I throw on and I don’t really want to think about if they match with my outfit or not and that’s what’s good about Mister Wolf watches – they’re versatile.


Why did you choose the combination that you did?

I love tan leather and that’s how I really started with customising the watch. I combined the other elements around the strap and came up with what I thought looked best.

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Henry’s Guide to Inner-Sydney

Eat at… East London Restaurant in Paddington

They dish out some of the best Chinese-inspired cuisine with fresh produce. I just wish the serving was more generous!

East London, 85 Underwood Street, Paddington NSW;

If you want to BYO a crab, head to… Malacca Straits on Broadway, Chinatown

Malacca Straits is one of the best Malaysian restaurants in Sydney where you can BYO
crab and they will cook it however you like. The restaurant is a bit of a gem as it’s not on the main street so only locals know about it.

Malacca Straits, 5/66 Mountain St, Ultimo NSW;

Visit… Brett Whitely Gallery

I really enjoy the Brett Whiteley gallery. The museum was also his home and studio until he died in 1992 so it feels very immersive to be viewing his works and set-up.

Brett Whitely Studio, 2 Raper St, Surry Hills NSW;